[WWI] First kits, vision issues/enhancements and scales

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 29 00:22:41 EST 2005

Neat thread(again).

First known/remembered interest in models: Age 4, watching older brother(age 
12) build models.

First kit: Dec. 15, 1969(5th birthday), A Spitfire. Don't remember the kit 
or the scale but I do know it was moulded in light blue plastic, possibly 
with wheels and spinner in silver.

First OT Kit (that I remember): Nieuport 28. Had to be the Aurora kit as I 
remember a  base with moulded in chocks. Might have even been vac-formed, 
which would have made it the K&B issue. This was also the first cammo scheme 
I ever painted. Big brother had moved onto glow engine flying models and 
passed down his box of Pactra paints (there must have been 20 colors in that 
box). I was maybe 7.

First rigging job: Black thread on the Revell 1/28 SPAD XIII. Age 11.

Scale preference came around age 10. I had a job mowing the neighbors lawn 
and would spend all my money on mostly white box Monograms.  Decided I liked 
1/48 and larger during this period.

My choice of scale had nothing to do with vision. I did eventually get an 
Opti-Visor in my 30's but I don't remember if it was because I started 
getting serious about figures or if I needed it for my job in a jewelry 
store. I only wear it when painting really teenintesy bits, like eyes and 
cockpit details. Mostly just use my near-sighted right eye for every day 
While I still prefer 1/48, most of the models I've finished in the pat year 
or two have been 1/72 and 1/144.

Like some others in this group, I never stopped building models, even after 
I got interested in girls, rock&roll, etc. I once had an employer ask me if 
I didn't think it was a bit childish to still be building toy airplanes. I 
told him "Not as childish as giving up something I really enjoy out of fear 
that people might think it's childish." I don't work for that asshole 

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