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tracy hancock atlporkchop at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 28 21:24:44 EST 2005

yes, we all made it to portland 2 hours ahead of a
freak ice storm that 
paralyzed the city. 

That must have made carrying all of those boxes in
The political climate sounds like the opposite end of
the spectrum from the south...soak it up!

 and there are soooo many 
types and numbers of restaurants that my taste buds
will be hopping 
until the day they die. i haven't had time to check
the local hobby 
shop or ipms club yet so i can't report on those

I'm sure you'll have all of that sorted out when I
come to visit. As well as favorite resteraunts.

pfalz? gee, i can't even find clothing let alone
models in all this 
mess. 294 boxes and only one of them has that d.xii.

Pfft! Who needs clothes! But since I've not done too
much on the Hansa B since you saw it last I won't
press the Pfalz issue too much ;)
Drop me a line offlist and we will spare the rest our
personel conversations.
cheers, tracy
PS: When you get them unpacked, take pictures of your
models and put them up, you only have one here!

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