[WWI] Scaly rant WAS: Slimer driver

David C. Fletcher dcf at mars.ark.com
Fri Jan 28 19:07:38 EST 2005

Since messages keep bouncing, let's try again...

 >> Irony of irony, I actually started out with Monogram's 1/48th
 >> kits.

 >> Matt Bittner

I spent 98 cents and bought the 1/48th Monogram Sp1tf1re - with no 
wheels wells, wheels integral with the gear legs and doors and idiot 
marks for the decal placement...  that was about 1955.  Prior to that, 
though, I had assembled a very simple Gl0ster J at velin balsa glider.  And 
even earlier than that, I had some RAF recognition models in black 
rubber that I used to play with (and should have kept!)

And I'm still primarily with 1/48th!

Dave Fletcher

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