[WWI] Optically challenged

Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 28 17:54:11 EST 2005

 Mike Muth   >About 1-2 years ago I noticed it was easier to just take off
glasses. I figured this out when I realized I was doing everything by
looking over the top rim of my glasses.<

I could do this until 4 years ago (when I was 43), then one day realised
that I could no longer focus both eyes at the same time, the minimum
attainable focal length having just got shorter than the distance to the end
of my nose. So. No more stereo image. And my new glasses don't allow me to
focus closer than about a foot (adult, human). So that's when I bought a
headband magnifier. Fortunately I've so far only answered the door once with
it still on.

BTW, since the maximum I can see without glasses is 6 inches, my desk was
always rather messy since I regularly knocked over paint, thinners, cats and
dogs. And pints. At least those sins are now of the past.


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