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Anders Bruun anders.bruun at chello.se
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I think the question depends on whether work and fun are proportional to 
volume or surface area. 1/48 compared to 1/72:

Linear scale: 1.5 : 1
Surface area: 2.25 : 1
Volume: 3.375 :1

If you think work is proportional to volume and fun is proportional to 
surface area, then to maximise the fun-to-work ratio you should build as 
small as you can handle.

Anders (who has to use magnifying glasses nowadays...)

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> This thread seems to have developed into a "why 1/72 or why 1/48" scale
> one.
> So here are my reasons for 1/72.
> ND. Sauvignon-cabernet
> NB. NieVI
> NR. Crowood Aichi Val book (very good actually)
> NL. The Go-betweens  (so-so)

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