[WWI] Optically challenged

Andy Bannister andy at warpedplastic.co.uk
Fri Jan 28 15:58:19 EST 2005

> Right, this applies to the fundamental components of the model, so 
> obviously
> there's more small parts in smaller scale kits.  Still, for 
> detail-oriented modellers, the problem remains though maybe diminishes, 
> even for larger scales.
> Michael

Well, I like to think I am a detail-oriented modeller. But a 1/72nd throttle 
quadrant is going to be more difficult to see (and place in position) than a 
1/48th or larger throttle quadrant. Whether it's an "out of box" part or one 
I've made myself, it still just seems logical to me that larger pieces are 
going to be easier to see as visual acuity diminishes with age. I honestly 
don't think I would put any more detail in a large scale kit than I would in 
a 72nd scale one - I already build far too slowly as it is without adding to 
the workload! It's all a matter of personal taste though, isn't it? We build 
the scale(s) we like for whatever reasons are important to us.

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