[WWI] Optically challenged

NEIL CRAWFORD neil.crawford at swipnet.se
Fri Jan 28 15:39:03 EST 2005

This thread seems to have developed into a "why 1/72 or why 1/48" scale
So here are my reasons for 1/72.

-It is a collectors scale, you can really build a great collection in

-It's nice and small

-I can put a reasonable ammount of detail in, without going bonkers.

-Plenty of kits

-I've always built 1/72

And for 1/48 scale:

-Models are much more impressive

-Other people can see them

-they are easy to photograph

-it's more of a challenge (or at least was before so many kits and
accesories were released).

-painting is easier!  (is this last true, or am I just drunk?)

Can't think of any more, Mike Kendix spoke a lot of good sense,
and yes I have several pairs of glasses on the bench.
/Neil C.
ND. Sauvignon-cabernet
NR. Crowood Aichi Val book (very good actually)
NL. The Go-betweens  (so-so)

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