[WWI] Optically challenged

Andy Bannister andy at warpedplastic.co.uk
Fri Jan 28 15:12:47 EST 2005

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> Agree with Michael - besides, even as I now find I can no longer focus
> at one inch, my shelf space has not grown at all - so I have space for
> what I build, 1/72.  (okay, the occasional forays into other off-t
> things, but I'm talking about real models)  I find I have room for an
> Opti-Visor on my tool rack more than I have room for a 1/48 Gotha or
> AEG.
> - Brian

I don't have room for 48th either. In fact I'm rapidly running out of 
display room for 72nd as well, but that's beside the point. The focus 
(ooooh, ya gotta love that one!) is on what scale we can see, not what scale 
we have room for.

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