[WWI] Scaly rant WAS: Slimer driver

Andy Bannister andy at warpedplastic.co.uk
Fri Jan 28 13:10:12 EST 2005

> Irony of irony, I actually started out with Monogram's 1/48th
> kits.
> Kids.  At least some of us grew up and did learn from our past
> mistakes.
> Matt Bittner

You too, eh? It was that Monogram Black Widow kit that turned my little head 
when I was a kid and then that B-17G was released and that was it, I was 
hooked. For some reason I decided I liked 72nd better in my late teens/early 
twenties and it's been my favourite scale ever since.  I'd like to say I'll 
never go back but my aging eyes may have other ideas in future. I'd rather 
build in the optically challenged scales if I have to than not build at all. 

CEO, Editor in Chief, Choreographer, Teaboy

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