[WWI] Re: does this really have to be the subject header for scales?

Warren Dickinson wed317 at onlineky.com
Fri Jan 28 12:19:53 EST 2005

My first kit was in 1966 (I was five), the Revell 1/72nd B-!7 Memphis
Be!!e.  That started a very long love affair with modeling, particularly
bombers.  My first OT kit was shortly after that, one of the Aurora
Nieuports.  Living in a small town I had to be satisfied with whatever
the dime store or variety store had in the toy section.  To find
something interesting was a real joy.  One of my greatest finds at the
dime store in Oxford, AL was an MPC kit that contained what must have
been an Airfix SPAd VII, the set of Airfix German WWI infantry,and a
vacuformed base with a downed German ballon.  Anyone else remember that
set?  I must have been 10 years old.  Wasn't long after that that I got
a hold of the Revell Fokker Tripe and the Revell SPAD.  I built a few of
the 1/48th Monogram kits, but wasn't satisfied with what I got versus
cost.  Revell's "Dueling Aces" series got me hooked on 1/72nd.
   Moved to Birmingham in '73 and got my first look at a real hobby
shop.  Boy Howdy, I was in heaven!  (Tracy knows which one I am talking
about too!)  Until then I never laid eyes on an Airfix kit.
  These days I try and model 1/72nd mainly because of cost and space
limitations, although I would like to do a few certain a/c I really have
an affection for in 1/48th.  I do like the idea of a constant scale for
everything on display.


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