[WWI] Scaly rant WAS: Slimer driver

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Fri Jan 28 05:51:51 EST 2005

> That's interesting Paul, you've actually had your hair cut, mordious!
> Sounds like a rather strange barbers shop though, are you sure?

You know, it was the 60s, everyone was doing experiments with chemicals, 
even barbers...

I started modeling in the mid 70s. Airfix was the most popular range, 
followed by Revell, Italeri and Matchbox. There were several 1/48 models but 
I couldn't afford those prices. I remember that I wished intensely a 
Matchbox Tiger Moth in a big box that the model shop had for years on their 
shelves (of late, the box started to look yellowish and rough on the edges). 
The shop is gone now and I'm always wondering who would have been the one 
who bought that kit. In the late 70s there was a boom of 1/35 figures and 
tanks, and everyone was buying that. There were the Tamiyas and the Escis, 
and a few sets of 1/32 Airfix multiposes (that didn't fit on my dioramas so 
I hated them)

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