[WWI] Slimer driver was: a suggestion

Greg Balzer gregbalzer at adelphia.net
Thu Jan 27 19:53:03 EST 2005

Stuart writes..."it was a 'generation gap' thing as well.  I noticed those 
who built 48s started in the 50s or 60s (70s?, early 80s?) when Aurora, 
Monogram, etc. was in it's heyday..."

Speaking of generational building...as a kid I recall building mostly 32nd 
scale, and upon my return a few years ago was shocked that 48 had taken 
over.  72nd didn't seem that big where I grew up.  I look at a 32nd scale 
kit now and they look HUGE!!


Who can read the list from work but due to new Intranet cannot post from 
work...cuts down on my drivel anyway! 

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