[WWI] Slimer driver was: a suggestion

dr-i.417.17 at cox.net dr-i.417.17 at cox.net
Thu Jan 27 09:36:33 EST 2005


> Now if we only can convince him to keep building in 1/72 instead of those 
> oily, noisy flying models... that would be an awesome improvement.
> D. 

Our beloved leader IS NOT a slimer driver! His first love is the purist of model aviation forms.  He throws his model in the air, then makes it fly for another 30 minutes!

And beside running this and at least two other web sites, plus his regular job, he runs a model manufacturing company too.

Slimer indeed.

I want to know how he hides his red cape in all those pictures.

Alan, thanks again for all of your hard work


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