[WWI] a suggestion

iban ibancorp at tds.net
Thu Jan 27 03:33:41 EST 2005


that we set up sponsored links on the wwi modeling page, either in the links
section, or possibly directly from the database, for any kits, books,
references, tools, etc. related to our favourite subject matter.

that said links click directly thru to a vendor shopping cart where said
products can be purchased online, from whichever suppliers offer the best

that said suppliers pay a price-per-click-thru, or a percentage of each
purchase, to the group, as is now standard net marketing practice.

that said fees be pooled in a list trust account and used to fund various
wwi modeling awards and prizes, to encourage and promote further interest in
our hobby, with the hope that an ever-growing market will mean an ever
growing supply of kits, books, references, tools, etc.

second, anyone?  or improvements on this proposal?

fwiw, just a thot, and all that...


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