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First I would like to thank Sanjeev again for the nice job he has done on
setting this up on the site so we all can enjoy them.
J.R. Boye wrights;
The D. VII  looks like a two-seater to me.
I still think Walter B. Barneby has to be Walter V. Barnaby.
JM answer;
The DVII as I see it does have a different cut to the cockpit, I did not
want to say anything to that for others think I see things in photos ;-)
It is easy to confuse B an V, it may have been on the part of the person who
put it on the back of the photo or the person that put it in your book.
J.R. Boye wrights;
The Nieuport with the "RL" is interesting. The "L" looks very much
like one on an N.21 flown by Raoul Lufbery. ( Windsock Nieuport Fighters
vol. 1, p. 36 ) I wonder if it is actually is a plane flown by Lufbery.
RK wrights;
Yep- it's Luf's airplane- but not him in the cockpit- this photo has
from time to time in various publications and in an old C&C USA the guy
here was ID'ed, but I can't remember who he is!
JM answer;
I thought it was suspect of being a later reprint for the reason I said, RK
can you look through your C&C and see if you can find this photo and his
name thanks.
John Marco

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> Added 5 more photos to the Marco collection
> regards
> Sanjeev

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