[WWI] RE: Redux

Millen, Alan R. AMillen at seic.com
Wed Jan 26 11:18:52 EST 2005

I'll forward the picture to you and Allan.  As to copyright, the book
was published in 1920 by the US War Department.  Who would hold that

<Neil said:
I think you could send scans directly to Allan, and he could
add them to the photo gallery. BUT not if there is a copyright 
issue, in that case add them to a private website, or send them
to a select group of friends (me for instance!) Keep 
that sort of arrangement off-list though.
You can't send direct as a mail to the list it's not allowed.
Copyright material is also not allowed.
There is a datafile for the Felixstowe I believe, which is similar to 
the Curtiss.
Not really a lot of help I think, if the bouncing doesn't get 
you, the copyright will!
Alan Roy Millen
amillen at seic.com

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