[WWI] RE: Alclad responds!

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Wed Jan 26 06:56:46 EST 2005

> I agree and I am satisfied.  I just find it sort of peculiar that there
> was no accompanying letter - just a money order.  But that's OK.

Scene at the Tricky Product Industries headquarters, Client Complaints
Office. Two men in grey suits are reading a stack of letters, throwing them
into a paper shredder after a quick glance. On the window, the cold skyline
of New york can be seen.

Suit #1, waving a letter: "Oh, this obnoxious guy Kendix is at us again. He
drives me nuts! First were the Pegasus kits, now something about our Alclad

Suit #2: "What's up this time?"

Suit #1: "Seems like we ruined his pants and some toy he was fondling."

Suit #2, scratching his head: "Well, that happens quite often. Just send him
the usual amount and he'll shut up."

Suit #1: "I hope. But I have the feeling we'll hear of him sooner or
later". -insert menacing musical chords here-


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