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Neil Eddy steed_and_peel at iprimus.com.au
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Hi Shane;

Courtney's editing has made this a very readable account, though as you say,
it is inaccurate in aspects mentioning the AFC (and some other details
too) - I think though that B.C. did not actually set out to research the
text that thoroughly, instead sort of kept to a vision of the war through
Roy Kyle's eyes - even in the 'overview' sections written by Courtney

Still, it is a very interesting and human account of one Digger's
experience. I also really like the snapshots of life in turn of the century
Victoria. Something there isn't a lot written about much....

It was also good to see it being sold at a general price of $5.00 in the
bookshops as I believe the publishing of the book was regarded as a
not-for-profit exercise by Kyle's family in order to just spread awareness
of the Diggers' experiences and sacrifices.

All the Best

Neil E

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> Neil
> >NR: An ANZAC's Story - Roy Kyle with Bryce Courtney;
> It's pretty good isn't it - though the references to the Australian Flying
> Corps are *wildly* innacurate on every occasion
> Shane
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