[WWI] Redux - US Official Pictures of the World War & Curtiss H-16

Millen, Alan R. AMillen at seic.com
Tue Jan 25 21:05:13 EST 2005

Honorable Listees,

Myself again, with a slight revision to my comments regarding the 'US
Official Pictures of the World War' book in my possession.  I stated
that it has 320 pages.  Well, if I hadn't glanced at it after a 16-hour
stint in the office, I'd have seen that it is in two sections, Army and
Navy, with 680+ pages and 320 pages, respectively.  1,000 pages.  I only
looked at the last page in the book.  That'll learn me.  And its
official, the front cover has come adrift.  Guess I'll be breaking it
up.  I was trying to scan a picture captioned "Lewis guns on H-16 flying
boat" with a sub-caption of "International Film".  It shows a platform
with a railing for a standing gunner on top of the fuselage, directly
behind the wing, and another gunner poking out from the side, just over
the chine.  I've not seen the top-side arrangement before, methinks it
would be a bit breezy!  I wanted to forward the piccy to the list, but
it was a bit to large, and got bounced.  Would anyone be willing to
accept the picture for posting, or tell me the secret?  Do I just send
it to Allan, and not the List?

Is there a Datafile or somesuch available for the H-16?  I've just
gotten the Roden kit, and would appreciate anything on the subject.

Thanks for any help!

Alan Roy Millen
amillen at seic.com

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