[WWI] March FSM -- I'm back. (?)

Mike Muth mikemuth at ptd.net
Tue Jan 25 20:42:26 EST 2005

    Welcome back!
Mike Muth
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> Yesterday I received a copy of the March FSM in the mail, which is odd 
> since I no longer have a subscription to it.  I opened it up to find that 
> an article on correcting the 1/28 Revell D.VII I sent in over six years 
> ago is finally published!  At the time I was rather annoyed at FSM when I 
> found out they purchased two articles at the same time on correcting that 
> kit, both from modelers in Atlanta.  Dr. Frank's was published six years 
> ago, and now mine sees the light of day.
> I've been out of circulation since my son was born six years ago, but have 
> been thinking about getting back into since the Nats are coming to my 
> hometown this year.  This article may get me off my butt and back into 
> modeling.
> But, I thought I'd at least re-subscribe to *the* WWI modeling list again 
> to field any questions, and suffer any flames when the issue hits the 
> stands.
> The D.VII is in Udet's Lo! markings, and was built for Jack D. Hunter, the 
> "Blue Max" author.  Since then I also built a 1/28 Hell's Angels D.VII, 
> and 1/28 Luke's SPAD for Jack.  If anyone is interested, I can revive my 
> website and put up some photos.
> Jim Wallace

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