[WWI] new stuff

Warren Dickinson wed317 at onlineky.com
Tue Jan 25 14:18:50 EST 2005

Well, since I trashed the current state of hobby magazines this morning,
I had to go out and make a hypocrite of myself when I ran errands.  (As
a redeeming act I bought some Belgian ale and a nice French red at eh
liquor store.:) )
   I picked up the Great Scale Modeling 2005, inside:

-A photo of William Kertis' Pfalz Parasol mis-identified as a MS Type L,
but they do show the prop spinning which is cool. 
- A nice 1/72nd scale 1914 Caudron-Hall by Mark Slota from the Telford
- A 1/35th scale Resicast U.S. Ambulance by Bob Bethea.

A few other OT models as well.  If nothing else, either FSM is taking
more pics of OT kits at shows, or there are more OT kits being entered.

On another note, Great Models Webstore is advertising .006 stainless
steel wire for rigging, part #cbe48, for 5.95.

nl: Diana Krall, just to make Diego envious.  :)

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