[WWI] Fana No27

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Tue Jan 25 07:02:43 EST 2005

> When in Paris I picked up Le Fana de l`Aviation Hors serie No27
> covering "L`Air Force dont l`Amerique ne voulait pas"

Interesting title. I do recall a lecture I heard at the Pensacole OtF 
convention, where it was said that Italians relegated American flyers to the 
worst, less privileged aerodromes or the quietest areas of the front, saying 
that the American crews were inexperienced or weren't able to handle the 
newest machines.
In certain ways, it was true at the first stages of American involvement on 
the war, but it was curiious to see how much they progressed as months went 

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