[WWI] Eastchurch Kitten - Model Builder Plan?

PJ Wright pj.wright at comcast.net
Mon Jan 24 23:35:16 EST 2005

Model Builder magazine plans are available from:

Bill Northrop's Plan Service
2019 Doral Court
Henderson, Nevada
USA 89014-1075

Phone -  702-896-2162
Fax - 702-897-7775
Email - none
Website - none

Hours - Mon-Fri, 10am - 4pm Pacific Time.
Payment by Visa/Mastercard ($US10.00 minimum).

Bill founded "Model Builder" magazine and edited it for many years. Although
the magazine itself is no longer available, Bill does sell copies of the
plans that had appeared in it. Each plan is accompanied by a copy of the
original article.  A comprehensive listing of the plans that are available
from Bill can be found at David Livesay's site:

I personally didn't find any Eastchurch Kitten plans listed in any of the
magazines that Mr. Livesay has on his site...but he also disclaims total
accuracy.  Bill Northrop will know if he ever ran that plan in Model
Builder...give him a call!  If anyone discovers what issue that may have
been in, I have several years worth of Model Builders...will scan if I have
that issue.

As I posted earlier, the one 3-view that Bob Banka offers of the Kitten
supposedly includes cross-sections from which fuselage formers can be
interpolated.  Browse his site, and pick up several 3-views to make it worth
the postage:

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