[WWI] Fana No27

Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no
Mon Jan 24 19:40:28 EST 2005


When in Paris I picked up Le Fana de l`Aviation Hors serie No27
covering "L`Air Force dont l`Amerique ne voulait pas"

It deals with the US military aircraft and aviators 1907-1926,
with a lot of material on the AEF in France.
Quite a few photos I haven`t seen before like Harry Gwynnes Nie 24C1
painted like a fish and illustrations of all the US squadron markings.
Also a lot of photos of WW1 aircraft in US service after WW1.

Definitely worth chasing down if the above interests you,
PubFana at editions-larviere.fr is given as the contact adress

Knut Erik

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