[WWI] Re: Hell's Angels

Bruce Dyck bruce.dyck at mts.net
Mon Jan 24 17:44:44 EST 2005

The knee was playing basketball, and the muscle CARS (3 mustangs and a
charger) ~ I rebelled on one and did one as a wreck.  Used a dremmel to
grind the hell out of it to simulate rusted through sections, bald tires,
dirt, grime, oil leaks . . . (just like the piece of junk sitting in his
back yard.  Of course he loved it.  Now he wants another one for next year
too.    :-(
But, I've heard the SPADs call my name, not to mention the Albatros, the
Camel, the Nieuport, the SE5, . . .   and I can no longer ignore the voices
in my head. . . . Real airplanes have propellers . . . made out of cloth and
wood . . . must build real models, must build real models. . . Voss's cowl
was yellow, chrome yellow, bright yellow, and 1/72 is for drinkers.
I am a large male Mallard Duck,
hear me quack!!

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