[WWI] New Eduard 1/72

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Mon Jan 24 10:41:04 EST 2005

>  We can always hope though, can't we?

Yes, as long as one has secured a Pegasus kit, there's always room for 
improvement.... ;-)

>   I am thinking of starting over today on scratching the interior of my
> Revell Nie.17.  It's just not coming out like I wanted.  OTOH, when the
> fuselage is closed up, who will know?  If nothing else, practice makes
> perfect for a time when it will be seen, no?

I share this concern... one improves on each model, each detail... so when 
one finish some assembly, it happens that the starting point doesn't satisfy 
anymore... the question is "can I live with that on THIS model?" Sure the 
next time will be better, but now I'm engaged into this 
Nieuport/Caudron/Fokker/Naglo and I want this one to look as good as 
possible. I'm still looking for that answer, as I've left behind some 
projects that I feel I can do better but going backwards into them mean 
certain destruction.

> nl: Diana Krall

She'll be in Buenos Aires next saturday... already sold out!

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