[WWI] New Eduard 1/72

Warren Dickinson wed317 at onlineky.com
Mon Jan 24 09:21:17 EST 2005

      I sure would like to think they will produce these soon, but I
seriously doubt it.  IIRC, the artwork for these "so-called" future
releases has been around for quite sometime.  Also, Eduard mentioned
nothing of it in their recent posting regarding their future release
schedule for 2005.  We can always hope though, can't we?
   I am thinking of starting over today on scratching the interior of my
Revell Nie.17.  It's just not coming out like I wanted.  OTOH, when the
fuselage is closed up, who will know?  If nothing else, practice makes
perfect for a time when it will be seen, no?

nl: Diana Krall
nr: "Duel of Eagles" 
nb: Noops

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