[WWI] which is better?

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Mon Jan 24 07:15:44 EST 2005

John, Neil!
Thanks for the advice!

> I had them all once before my big move,
> their all good, they each have their own quality,
> if you can get them at a good price I´d get them all,

I bet they're good! But unfortunately, I can't afford all!

> Overall, I guess which topic of the three are you most interested in?

I'm intrigued to see the Harleyfords, I'm lacking a good book on the 
"in-betweeners" in general (I do wish badly "On silver Wings" but that isn't 
available nearby, nor to a good price on mail order). However, being the 
book by Bruce much newer than old Harleyfords, I guess that it may be 
overall more accurate than the older books. What do you say, if forced to 
choose ONE?

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