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John Marco john at modelartbymarco.com
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Hi J.R.
Well I do not think you will get that much info from the photo for the plane
does not reveal anything nor the back round but when enlarge you see the
flyer face fine, you'll  see, can you tell me if he was a Lieutenant? for it
reads ( Lieut, Walter B, Barneby ) not V, easy to confuse though, I think
ill make this flyers week ;-) I have and other flyer, German, with plane, I
think the plane is Rumpler built, the pilot is not know, nothing on back
side. I have yet another, but this one IMHO is suspect of being a later
reprint, why! because the hole photo is gloss over, I do not think back then
they would have that as an option when getting you photos done, I maybe
wrong ;-)  all the browns are like the other photos I have and even came
with them, but it is an interesting one, the photo is of an early Nieuport
with the small fairings behind the cowl and Lewis on top wing an from a 3:4
view back side the pilot is in it looking at you! clear, what else is clear
is a hand painted marking, a large letter L in swirls with the letter R over
the long stem of the L, so, who's ever marking that is, we are more then
likely looking at him in the plane, nothing on the back side.
Well this will be Flyers week, an ill throw in a few others also. ;-)
John Marco

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> Great, John. Now I'm curious as to what he looked like. Maybe Matt can
> identify the Nieuport, and maybe the place. Such a short career.....sadly
> typical.
> J.R. Boye

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