[WWI] R/C kittens

Graham planophore at aei.ca
Sun Jan 23 21:00:01 EST 2005

There was a nice 3 view drawing in WW1 Aero, No 120 Jul 1988 pg 36. I had
given some thought to building a small RC model using those drawings
as a start. The drawings are by John Sizer in the UK, well done, and show
enough detail that you could build a model from them. However, by his own
admission, the drawings are only tenative with a capital "T".

cheers, Graham in Embrun near Ottawa Canada.

At 07:27 PM 1/23/05 -0500, you wrote:
>> I've had an enquiry about plans for an R/C Grain or Eastchurch  Kitten.
>> only drawings I have are in the little "Fighters Vol 1" Bruce book. Any of
>> you R/C guys have anything?
>I haven't seen any. Take the drawings to the copy shop and enlarge them,
>then fill in the pieces. They are pretty conventional in layout if not in
>size. The basic Peter Rake style of construction should make it pretty easy.

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