[WWI] John Marco / Walter Barnaby

John Marco john at modelartbymarco.com
Sun Jan 23 14:19:32 EST 2005

Hi J.R.
Well I have a photo of a flyer an he is in front of a Nieuport V stutter and
on the back side has that name but no date, ill show it this week, thank for
the info with that J.R.
John Marco

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> Hi John ;
>      I found Walter V. Barnaby in the "Wings of Honor" book by J.J.
> Sloan. It lists just about everyone who served in the U.S. Air Service,
> and since all of your photos were from th U.S., I figured that's where
> you came up with the name.
>      According to that, Walter barnaby was with the Signal Officers
> Reserve Corps in 1916, and got his commission in November of that year.
> He was assigned to the 1st Observation Squadron, May 24, 1917, which
> became operational April 5, 1918. Aircraft at that time were Spad XIs.
> Barnaby is listed as killed in combat May 22, 1918.
>       There is no photo of him in the book. Do you have one?
>                     J.R. Boye

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