[WWI] lone star junker j.1 wings

Michael Robinson mr1057 at frontiernet.net
Sat Jan 22 12:34:04 EST 2005

Okay, now that I have had my coffee and am fully awake, write to MIKE at
Lonestar, not Eric. Eric owns Copperstate, not Lonestar. Sorry for the
mixup, but Mike will make it right by you as well.

Mike... awake finally.

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Subject: [WWI] lone star junker j.1 wings

hi all,

i just got the 1/48 lone star models junkers j.1. nice multi media kit but
the outer sections of the upper wing ­ which are casted resin in my example
- are too thick and won't match shape and thickness of the seperate
ailerons. sanding them down to correct shape would ruin the corrugations.
has anybody dealt with this problem in the past and found a solution? any
idea highly appreciated.

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