[WWI] Added:The John Marco Collection

Eric Gallaud egallaud at club-internet.fr
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Hi John,

Below, the site link

and the profile

What are the suppositions ?


John Marco a écrit:

>Hi Eric,
>I tried to find Michael Fletcher Ni 24 bis. Model in the archives but I cant
>seem to fine it can you give me a link? Please and notes the rudder has no
>strips on it and my photo is dated 1918 not 1919, one thing I would like to
>ask if you or someone else knows, the wire running from the front landing
>gear strut to the V strut, is that stranded on that model Nieuport?
>John Marco
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>>The first Nieuport has the same marking than one represented on the site
>>of Michael Fletcher as a 24bis.
>>The only variant is that on the picture the rudder in a Ni27 one. Field
>>modification ?
>>Michael identify it as a USAS training plane repainted in early 1919.
>>Other suggestion ?

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