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John Marco john at modelartbymarco.com
Fri Jan 21 13:28:28 EST 2005

Hi Andy,
Well I have notes this being a Americana now living in Germany, most elders
and most all women here don't want to hear about war stuff, they have no
interest in it and can you under stand way! I do now ;-) its just a small
group of people here that have interest in it, like the modeling group and
some others and that even goes for finding out information about their own.
John Marco

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> >    It's quite a tribute to the man Werner Voss that his deeds still
> > inspire us to build models of his plane, and try to find out more about
> > after all this time. He would be most amused, I'm sure, and hopefully
> > pleased. Mazeltov, Werner !
> >
> >                                           J.R. Boye
> And very sad that apparently his ancestors have little or no desire to
> out about their uncle Werner...
> Andy

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