[WWI] Scratchbuilder's bane, modelers' boon

Shane & Lorna Jenkins sljenkins at tac.com.au
Fri Jan 21 07:34:59 EST 2005

Matt Bittner wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Jan 2005 01:47:26 +1100, Shane & Lorna Jenkins wrote:
> >  Ok, what is your bid mate ;-)
> Do it, or somehow, someway, I'll force StE to live with you for a
> year.
> ;-))

 Hey that doesn't scare me one bit mate Lorna scares the hell outa him
;-). OTOH if he brings SWMBO, the Twins & Morgan..............

 Plus, we would have to try n fit it in our production schedule with our
first (ot) true scale kit due out fairly soon.


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