[WWI] Werner Voss photo

mercyandhope at juno.com mercyandhope at juno.com
Thu Jan 20 22:51:01 EST 2005

  Being on the west coast of the U.S.A., I get in on the tail end of the topics, and I can see that the Voss photo thread is still going strong.....

    First of all, THANK YOU Knut for the rudder photo. That's the first time I've seen it, and it is cool, whether or not it is Voss's. This list is great.

   And thanks, Shane, for leaving a shadow of doubt for me to leave my rudder yellow. I've got enough work ahead revising "Stropp".

    It's quite a tribute to the man Werner Voss that his deeds still inspire us to build models of his plane, and try to find out more about it after all this time. He would be most amused, I'm sure, and hopefully pleased. Mazeltov, Werner !

                                           J.R. Boye


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