[WWI] Austrian Sub Pt.1 (repost...maybe)

DNSH at aol.com DNSH at aol.com
Thu Jan 20 15:45:38 EST 2005

I'm not sure if this ever went through the first time as it never showed up  
in my e-mail so here it is a again.  Please excuse the intrusion if it's a  
My Wiener Modellbau Manufactur Austrian Holland Type Submarine arrived just  
before Christmas making transit time 12 days from Austria.  It comes packed  
in a very strong lift off top box with a very nicely done picture of  the 
finished model against a background blueprint of the real sub on the  box. 
The hull is cast in four pieces (a bow and stern cap plus two main hull  
side) in a dark gray resin.  The resin appears to be somewhat brittle  and the two 
hull strakes were both badly chipped in transit. These would  have probably 
been better represented with photo-etch to slot in a groove on the  hull.  All 
the hatches are separate pieces so they can be modeled  open.  A real plus for 
when the Nikolai Austrian sailor figures are  released.  The model is pretty 
small when compared to Revell's recent Type  VII U-Boat, measuring a little 
over 17" long.   
All the smaller parts are very well detailed with the only concern being  the 
size of the pour plugs.  With the smaller parts being so delicate,  cleanup 
will require some patience.  As an example of how delicate the  castings are, 
the rope around the horseshoe life preservers is cast cleanly  through. WMM 
includes two well cast brass screws that will look very  realistic once 

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