[WWI] Archives database

Allan Wright aew at unh.edu
Thu Jan 20 10:56:39 EST 2005

Great work Sanjeev! Thanks again!


On Thu, 2005-01-20 at 15:51 +0000, S Hirve wrote:
> Okay, let me try this again.
> I have added to the Search Application the ability to search through the Photo archives.
>    The search engine has several new features:
>       - search for subject (same as models)
>       - results are displayed 10 index-thumbnails at a time, you can go directly to the full image, or walk sequentially through each large image
>       - each image can have its own caption text
>       - images are organized by "Collections"
>       - anybody can add notes to an image or a collection - it is not restricted to Admin (I am stealing Wikipedia's idea here).
>       - images can be linked to more than one subject (eg, several photos of the RE.8 are linked to the aircraft as well as to the RAF.4A engine. 
>   I am in the process of populating the data, and so far the database contains all A-H and British aircraft, and have just started on the French planes.
>    I would really appreciate your opinions on the features, its ease of use, suggestions for improvements, etc.
>   The earlier I get your feedback the better!
> I also happen to be using some more web features such as cookies, latest stylesheet standards, and more javascript on the web-pages - hence,  your testing can uncover problems with old or non-compliant web browsers.
> My plan is that for the near future, both the search engine and the static Archives pages will be available, but all updates to the archives pages will go only into the database, and wont show up in the static pages.  
> The link is the same as for searching Models :
> http://www.wwi-models.org/app/sbj/srch/ 
> I look forward to some useful feedback, 
> regards
> Sanjeev

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