[WWI] I'm back, like old nightmares

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Thu Jan 20 06:43:54 EST 2005

Hullo chaps
I'm back to the old bus here at work and perusing the list mail from the 
days I've been absent,
First of all, I'm quite shocked to hear about Charlie gone west. I missed 
this from previous perusals at the list messages during my vacations. I'll 
certainly miss him, he had a great spirit and fought his illness with 
bravery. What else to add, he also liked Nieuports and that makes sure that 
he's sitting up there in a cloud chatting with Guynemer and Bill Bacon, 
arguing about the true shade of French blue. Good bye, old friend!
On the model galeries... amazing stuff. I can't really say which new model 
liked the best. Don Ralston's models certainly blew my mind off.
- Marc Flake is a hero to build so many Spads.
- Carpo needs a finger cut. Or two, or all.
- Bob Pearson, you better keep those models clean (do lint bunnies look like 
exhaust pipe puffs?).
- Octavio brings that classic DH4 to life but gets spoiled by Pedro into 
that Pfalz (beware of P., if he comes by with a donkey, just say no).
- Bill Arnold: modelling mean machine, turns up more models than Roden and 
Eduard can produce.
- Les mecs from France have brought lovely models. But.... boche models! 
Guys, go build some Spads and Nieuports, parbleu, mordious, mille milliards 
de tonerrres!
- Chris Savaglio... new name? welcome from the South. Great SE5a! Love the 
"shine" of the fabric areas of the model. just like the real thing!
I won't comment on the subject of copyrights or brands.
The Voss photo is excellent, retouched or not. If the cowl was overpainted, 
it must have been a quite careful job, since they haven't touched the 
maker's plaques at all. The guy who holds the tail of the tripe looks just 
like Michael Schumacher. Perhaps we'll have to contact him and ask which 
colour was the cowl (Ferrari red? Dollar green?). Check behind the wheels of 
the triplane: someone left his bycicle lying on the grass and that's bad for 
the chromed parts.
John Marco (have to send you something offlist) if I understand well you say 
that the rudder has not just a simple comma shape, but sort of a Q, with the 
stick being hold by a "cup" in the bottom rear of the fuse. What intriges me 
is the fact that even when the boots of the soldier behind the fuselage can 
be seen clearly, the tailskid is completely obscured by the grass. 
Retouching? A clumsy gardening job? Perhaps we must ask this to Michael 
Schumacher as well.
Sorry for the long rant, I'm glad to be back over the lines!

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