[WWI] Roden Early Alb.

Sean Brian Kirby acebuilder2003 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 20 01:19:56 EST 2005

> You are correct in your observation. The Early DVIIs
> indeed had fabric up to 
> the Angled panel you describe. Filling in with your
> favorite putty is 
> required. One other note, Most of the time there
> were wrinkles in the fabric 
> on this section.
> This is the point I believe Eduard is trying to
> eliminate with separate 
> fuselages for each version.

Thanks for backing me up beforehand. ;)

Yeah, we'll see how nice the Eduard kit is. Probably
very. And I have every one of the new Roden D.VIIs,
save the latest early-Alb., and I believe that will be
remedied during daylight hours after what I read here
about new plastic. And thanks again, you guys!


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