[WWI] Albatros D.Va Stropp

Mike Muth mikemuth at ptd.net
Wed Jan 19 23:34:05 EST 2005

I sort of remember a book on their DH-4 called something like Flying Coffin
Mike Muth
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> Brian, thanks for the update on the "Stropp" D.Va.
>     One of my kids took a photo of it for me while it was suspended and
> I noticed the lower wing cross had been repainted to the transitional
> style cross the way the plane was when captured.  This was mentioned in
> the restoration book, along with the original reasoning for using the
> eisernkreuz.
>    Any chance of a restoration book on the Spad XII or Fokker D.VII ? 
> I've just about worn out my Albatros book.
>     I also bought a framed fabric swatch from "Stropp", and it is olive
> green. So is another one I have seen. Would this possibly be from the
> upper wing which was mauve/green ?
>                                                                    J.R.
> Boye

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