[WWI] Werner Voss photo

J.R. Boye mercyandhope at juno.com
Wed Jan 19 23:28:27 EST 2005

Wow, This is my first real Voss Cowl debate since joining the list ! The
passion of it all ! I've only heard this alluded to, before. Now it's the
real thing. I can't let my side down and not participate.
     So I will bring up the yellow rudder question. It supposedly exists
in the Imperial War museum, and is reasonably suspected of being
retrieved from Voss's plane ( I love this ) .
     Do we know the date of this photo ? Could Voss be testing this
prototype previous to his personalising it ? Wouldn't we see a bit of the
face from this angle ( or could glare prevent this ? )

J.R. Boye

        ( Who painted his model of F.I 103 with yellow cowl AND rudder,
and who is about to tear the top wing off of his "Stropp" and repaint it,
along with the rudder. He looked at the photos Mr. Nicklas mentioned and
can see the cross outline........................rats ! )

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