[WWI] Roden Early Alb.

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Yes and no.

The cowling in the early Fokker built item is a  "D" sprue.  In the new Alb
built version it is an "H" sprue, and there are differences.

Speaking of that..In studying for  a build I've come to the conclusion that
the metal portions of the early built Fokker cowling ends farther forward
than on the later aircraft.

If you look at a streaky fused early D-VII the fabric runs up to the
diagonal that runs from the aftmost front cabane forward and down.  On later
aircraft this last fabric triangle is metal and now runs from the same
cabane aft and down to the lower wing leading edge.

In the Roden case  you cannot distinguish a fabric panel from a metal one.

Any input?

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> Hey, hey, hey,
> That new Roden early Albatros-built Fokker D.VII is
> identical, plastic-wise, to the other early Roden
> Fokker's, right? Just new markings?
> Thanks in advance.
> Sean
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