[WWI] FW: Wood Fuselage Finishes

Richard Kullberg rckullberg at adelphia.net
Wed Jan 19 22:10:40 EST 2005

I picked up one from English modeling mags I really like. First a coat of an
acrylic flesh colored paint. Let it dry well. Get out your artist's oil
paints (ochres, siennas, umbers etc.) Then depending on what color you want
streak it on with a stiff brush, just a little dab will do you. Mix and
match of course. The nice thing is that since I am doing it on acrylic and
using a slow drying paint I can work it as desired or even wipe it off with
a rag and artist's oderless thinners. When it looks good just put it aside
under cover to keep the dust off for some number of days, varying by
climate, to dry. Varnish with what ever suits you. If someone can give me
the short and sweet of posting a picture I will send one of my Albatros that
is in work (thanks Santa!)



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