[WWI] Werner Voss photo

Mark Shannon shingend at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jan 19 20:55:45 EST 2005

I don't see the space, what I see is a dark, irregular line that goes from
the top hinge of the rudder, straight down toward the ground.  But the
lower leading edge of the rudder itself goes down along the rudder post at
the rear of the fuselage and ends in a post-like stub that fits in the
bottom hinge.  What I think you have referred to as looking like a cup
holder.  I can't tell if the dark line on the rudder is dripped oil or a
crack in the paint with dirt in it - but the rudder is snug against the
back of the fuselage.

What I'm struck by in the photo is the reflections on the underside of the
top wing and the tiredness in Voss' posture - to me it carries a bone weary
feel.  You can see the emotions of all the other people in the photo,
ranging from the concentration in the man at the tail to the casual
curiosity and amusement of the others.  It does not look likely that this
is a freshly delivered state, as there appear to be streaks from the
cowling back that look like they have interacted with the dope and been
wiped down at some point.  I agree on the light source angle with you,
Shane, except that I get the impression that the man at the tail is
squinting into the light to look for Voss' signal, though how much of the
squinting is also against the airstream from the propeller is not clear. 
Still, It looks like the sun is almost directly in front of Voss, from that
man's perspective.

Of course, all bets are off if the thing has just been photoshopped to


> > John says
> > 
> > >PS; did you all note something in that photo look at the bottom of the
> > >rudder an how much space there is from the back of the fuselage and
> > >much
> > >of an angel its at from the top hinge to the bottom one, we all model
> > >strait down don't we ;-)
> > 
> > I really have to get my eyes checked.  Can't see that at all...
> > 
> > Shane
> > 

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