[WWI] Re: Alclad accident

iban ibancorp at tds.net
Wed Jan 19 12:06:37 EST 2005

michael, you're absolutely right.  it could have been a very bad situation,
and that's without even contemplating the little glass shards that were
likely mixed into the goop.  joking remonstrations aside (and sincere
condolences on witnessing all that work melt down, too) i was being serious
about one thing.

you can use shot or ballbearings in glass containers very effectively and
without concern, *if* you swirl the shot so that it rolls around the jar
sides.  just *do not* shake it so it impacts the glass.

hey, where in d.c. are you?  i theoretically live there, tho it's been more
theory than physical presence the last two years.  i'm not far from nasm
either (waterfront), and i've had the pleasure of our good mr. nicklas's
acquintance and assistance in the reading room once, on research.  lovely
place, that.  he has wot i think might be my dream job, lucky fellow, so
it's nice to see him back on the list.

might be fun for the d.c. contingent, whoever we all are, to meet up there
sometime.  maybe next time i'm in town.

all the best with your rebuild.


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> Iban remarks...
> >i see mr. kendix has confessed to the truth of the matter.
> etc., etc., blah-de-blah-de-blah...
> Yes, well, thanks for the remonstration.  However, the remaining bottles
> Alclad II, which by the way I've used with success on WW1 subjects, do not
> have these metal balls inside so it won't happen again.
> Actually, the more I think of this, the more alarmed I am.  Joking aside,
> this fairly caustic stuff splashed on my face.  Had it gone in my eyes, I
> surely would have damaged my eyes: I could easily have lost my sight.  A
> manufacturer who places those things inside a glass container is really
> thinking.
> Michael

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