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Hi All,
You talk about being serious, it took me weeks of talking to set up a
meeting with the Voss family and time spent there a weekend of time to talk
to all the elders that's how serious I got with it and when nothing came of
that I did not stop there I had friends at Dortmund university put all the
photos I could find through an extensive alienations and still nothing worth
a dam came from it, they even took the photos and turned them back into
browns for that's the way a real W.W.1 photo is browns an darker browns, I
have real W.W.1 photos of planes that have never been seen before and we use
them to get the Voss photos back to what they may have been like as appose
to what we see on internet and in books as black and whites, a lot of work
was done on my part and ill go to my grave knowing I tried my best to crack
the modeling question of the centaury, I tried in my last post to make light
of all the work I have done on this question, what I tried to say is we can
have fun with it to, I hope one day it will be answered and then we will all
have to build Voss Dr1s again to get the cowl right but until then my last
Voss Dr1 model cowl was green the one before that was yellow and the next
one will be... pink!!! ;-)))
John Marco... going back to my game on Red Baron internet with my black Dr1
an yellow cowl.
PS; did you all note something in that photo look at the bottom of the
rudder an how much space there is from the back of the fuselage and how much
of an angel its at from the top hinge to the bottom one, we all model it
strait down don't we ;-)

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> Right, well.... we'll just not bother trying to find out these things
> anymore then, eh? Never mind what colour any aircraft is, we'll just paint
> them all in nice shiny metallic racing car colours with stripes and flames
> on.
> I realise Voss' cowling is and probably always will be a contentious
> and the definitive answer in all likelihood will never be found. However I
> asked the question because I wondered if those more knowledgeable than I
> heard new info that had changed people's minds. Yes, you're absolutely
> right, we're wasting our time looking for something that means nothing in
> the big scheme of things. But since we have an interest in the era (and if
> we don't then what the hell are we doing here and wasting our time putting
> toy airplanes together?) then it seems reasonable that we would be
> interested in trying to find out such trivial details, or at least having
> friendly discussion about them. Or maybe that's just me.
> Sorry for perhaps taking this too seriously.
> Andy
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