[WWI] Spad 13 wings

Bittner Matthew E Contr USSTRATCOM/J81/USAMS BITTNERM at stratcom.mil
Wed Jan 19 15:56:04 EST 2005

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> Date: 01-19-2005 09:30
> From: "Michael Kendix" <mkendix at hotmail.com>

> Always p***ing and moaning on about the lack of Nieuports! You have a 
> couple of nice 1/72nd scale Nieuports from Toko (11, 16) and the A-Model
> Nieuport IV: all injection molded.  Built them yet, have you?:)

Yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah. :-)

Aren't there resin and vac HB C.Is?  Touche?

Matt Bittner

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