[WWI] Werner Voss photo

John Marco john at modelartbymarco.com
Wed Jan 19 15:03:25 EST 2005

Hi All,
Back on this again are we, ho boy!!! Well all, I for one do not care anymore
what color the cowl is.. what I would like to know is ;-) what color is the
ring on the guys finger that is holding down the tail ;-))) silver or
gold...LOL, look all, I had the opportunity through my lovely wife here in
Germany who is friends with the Voss´s to sit down with the elders of the
Voss family from Krefeld which is about 25 miles from me and ask them what
they know about their uncle Werner if they had any photos or letters from
him and you know what came out of it....not a dam thing!!! Then I told them
why and about the cowl thing and it was the funniest thing they have ever
heard of and the oldest said to me, why would so many people with so little
time here on earth waste it looking for something that means nothing, I can
tell you this the Voss´s today are in the moving business and you know what
color their trucks are white blue and (yellow) LOL ;-))) well all I am done
for the day and I am going to play a nice game of Red Baron internet and I
fly a black, yes thats right black Dr1 and the color of my cowl is
yellow..LOL ;-)))
John Marco

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