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Napier Colonel colonelnapier at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 19 14:02:26 EST 2005

I stumbled quite accidentally on a means for this,
that I use for floors and interior walls and
propellers and such. I have not tried it on a bare
plywood fuselage, but see no reason to expect it would
not work.

I was attempting to replicate a method I read of in an
Internet Modeller article on an Anatra type in Polish
markings, where the author used washable markers
burnished over a base coat, then sealed by spraying a
finish over the result. Since I brush paint, I
attempted to brush on the overcoat of gloss acrylic,
and found that the gloss and brush picked up the
washable marker and streaked it very nicely in a grain

First, apply a base-coat. This should be a very pale
buff or yellow, and can be varied slightly within a
panel, or between panels.

Second, apply washable markers in various browns,
tans, and yellows. Children's markers can be used, but
more varied shades of "water color markers" can be had
at craft and art stores. Cover the whole area to be

Third, put a very little thinned gloss acrylic on a
brush (a flat edged brush is best) and lightly brush
over the surface. Brush only in one direction. It is
possible to brush in a wavy or vee line, so long as
you do it consistently. The result will be a pattern
of very narrow streaks of denser color and thinner
color over the base color that seems at least to my
eye to very closely approximate wood grain in 1/72
scale. Sometimes, there will be little dots that
approximate knot-holes. Once dry, further matte or
weathering finishes can be safely applied. Touch-ups,
or small pieces, can be done by putting a little of
the marker color or colors onto a bit of tin foil, and
picking these up with a little acrylic gloss on a
brush, and applying to the surface.

In effect, this method makes a sort of clear paint,
that goes on streakily. Some experimentation is
neccessary to get the desired shade, but anything from
birch-pale to mahogany dark can be contrived.

Happy modeling!

James (Old Man)

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